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Jazzercise is a well-known brand in exercise and apparel. Featuring high-intensity dance and workout fusion, they are a revolutionary fitness movement 45 years in the making. Jazzercise stays fresh with challenging new classes that burn up to 800 calories an hour to get you results, fast.



Jazzercise had the essential functions of an online store, but Amazon Webstores announced that they were closing their service in 2016. Jeff Uyemura, Digital Manager at Jazzercise, had to evaluate eCommerce platforms to see which would fit his current needs and future plans. He turned to atmosol to consult on which eCommerce platforms had the best functionality to achieve his goals.



  • Replatform to a new eCommerce platform
  • Combine four separate online stores into a single site
  • Add support for mobile browsing to keep up with consumer behavior trends
  • Optimize merchandising with Magento native features to target specific user segments
  • Develop a custom solution to target the customer base with unique price points, content, and product availability for each channel


Combining 4 stores into one while adding deep personalization based on customer segments. Migration of the store to a new major version of the platform in the middle of the development cycle.



Jazzercise turned to atmosol to consult on which eCommerce platforms had the best functionality to achieve his goals. After careful consideration, Jeff chose Magento Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise) since Magento has highly customizable design and development, multi-site solutions, and robust marketing capabilities.



After Jazzercise replatformed from Amazon Webstores to Magento Commerce 2.0, 
atmosol build a custom solution for different consumers. Each group segment was personalized for the user experience with tailored design, products, prices, and promotions.

atmosol developed a solution where store views could be created and assigned to different segments from Magento’s admin panel. The
B2C storefront would display for customers and guests. Jazzercise employees, franchisees, or instructors would see the B2B storefront.

Each customer group had deeper customization beyond the store view, including custom-built catalogs with unique structures and categories. The pageview design and menu appear differently depending on whether the visitor was part of the B2C or B2B segment. Additionally, the page content would populate with dynamic products, prices, sales, and promotions to provide a highly personalized user experience.



atmosol continued to maintain, optimize, and enhance the Jazzercise store once the new store was released and continues to do so at the time of this writing in 2021


14% increase in annual revenue

Fixed Operating Costs down 20%

15% increase in page views

30% increase in mobile usage