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Product Development Services

For over 16 years, we have built award-winning products for our clients that support millions of concurrent users on multiple public clouds and offer these services to startups and ISVs. We also build and market our own successful SaaS products that have achieved market fit, and we are able to offer advise on how to convert an idea into a marketable product.

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Our Model for Product Success

Model For Success diagram steps
Model For Success Step 1 break product into small chunks

1. Analysis

Identifying an organization’s objective, researching target demographics, understanding the client’s business model,  associated processes.

Identifying and understanding problems/pain points

Introducing and explaining alternative solutions, and exploring additional potential methods to provide a suitable solution.

Utilize analytics, market research, and client interviews to build an accurate cost benefit analysis

Model For Success Step 2 build small independent components

2. Design/ UX/ Development

Provide a full UX Research phase, focusing on market research, industry-specific usability standards, and receiving insights from user and employee interviews.

Create  UI/UX prototypes, wireframes across common devices, focusing on user flows and establishing both the look and feel of key design/interaction models.

Utilize systems analysis and system design drive independent component development and frontend component behavior.

Components are styled, ancillary client-side animations, images, and themes are finalized.

Model For Success Step 3 test features and performance

3. Testing

Software is run through a strict Software testing life cycle, applying a range of testing scenarios across a bevy of environments and test cases.

Integration testing is utilized to ensure modules, services, and independent components are running as expected. 

Functionality tests for accurate database interactions are performed, to establish components and data accuracy.

End-to-End and Acceptance testing is performed to confirm that established user flows behave as designed. Additionally, real-world use cases are tested to certify that outcomes match expected results across all established use cases.

Model For Success Step 4 Release and receive feedback

4. Deployment/ Maintenance

Deploy project to staging and production environments, perform additional QA and regression testing.

Receive client and user feedback, and create new user stories for follow-up changes.

Begin process for repeating development cycle for new features based on user feedback.

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Bleeding edge cloud service knowledge

Cloud Services

We are experts on public cloud services that have moved to the cloud in its nascent stages and working on bleeding edge cloud features ever since​.


Cloud Native Build

We build products that optimally utilize the features of public cloud to achieve higher scalability and maintainability. We have expertise and certified developers on several public cloud platforms.


Cloud Migration

We migrate existing systems to the cloud while minimizing disruption. We use a discovery process to understand and document the migration path with clearly specified benefits.


Reliability Engineering

We support the cloud infrastructure of several of our customers and ensure reliability using a well-tested process of monitoring and proactive maintenance.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We were an early adopter of the public cloud for our products and continuously adopt new features that improve scalability, efficiency, and maintainability. We’ve built several cloud-native products from scratch and moved legacy clients to the cloud using a non-intrusive, phased approach. We also provide reliability engineering services on the cloud and currently support clients with peak usage exceeding a million concurrent users

Cloud Infrastructure

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