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4 tips to select the right eCommerce agency!


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4 tips to select the right eCommerce agency!

September 9th, 2019

How to find THE agency?

It’s by finding the agency that suits you the most that your project will have the success that you are looking for! This is a huge responsibility. To help, we list the most important criteria to select the perfect eCommerce agency.

1 / The agency’s experience

It’s very important to go with an agency that has many years of experience in eCommerce. Review their portfolio for examples of their work.  Look for case studies and customer testimonials. This will give you the ability to judge them on their skills.  Can they do what they say?

2 / Consultative approach

Successful agencies understand communication Is key.  They listen. They ask the right questions.  They develop an understanding of your business and your goals.  They provide solutions, advice and options.  These factors help you decide If they meet your needs. 

3 / The price

Most companies have a budget for their eCommerce needs.  Or they have a price in mind. If you want to make the right choice: opt for the eCommerce agency that will propose the most appropriate and effective solution even it’s not the cheapest. Going for the cheapest option will most likely result in quality missing and in the long term, cost you more!

4 / The relationship

Some projects can last from a few weeks to almost a year, so it is better to get along well with your agency! Choosing your agency is entering into a partnership.  Do your communication styles match? Do you have a sense of trust with the agency? A positive relationship is an undeniable asset for the success of your eCommerce project.

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