MeetingSense Corporation




Meeting Management Software


MeetingSense corporation was a startup that attempted to change the way meetings were run to make them more productive


MeetingSense came to atmosol to build their platform end to end. The brief included plugins to workplace software like outlook and teams for taking notes and action items in meetings as well as an auto-updating feed a la facebook for items related to meetings


  • Pre and post-meeting follow up via public feeds that can be restricted to teams or expanded to the entire organization
  • Ability to easily take notes on users’ favorite communication platform like outlook, teams, etc


When this software was being built, there were no libraries available for easy publish-subscribe feature for instant updating feeds. This had to be built from scratch and tested for ability to scale up as needed using existing internet protocols. MeetingSense was one of the first to achieve this aside from social media giants.

atmosol Solution

atmosol created the platform and the required plugins to significantly improve the value of meetings by tracking action items and notes and keeping users engaged through feeds and notifications

Outcomes Achieved

MeetingSense acquired several large companies as their customers before selling the technology to private investors

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