Why Upgrade to Magento 2 – Benefits and more

Magento 1. x’s end-of-life date is June/July 2020. With only months’ notice before support ends, what should your eCommerce business do?
Magento 2 was released in 2015 and is known as being the best version of Magento. 

Magento 2’s improved performance and new features provide shoppers with a faster, easier online buying experience.

Magento 1 will continue to be officially supported with security issues patched until June 2020, however, no new features will be added. This means that if you are making major changes to your Magento store, you should seriously consider upgrading to Magento 2. In this document, we will point out the benefits of Magento 2 that you can instantly take advantage of once you upgrade which makes the costs of doing well worth it.

Improved Customer Experience

Magento has made huge strides in improving customer experience and reducing the friction points that lead to abandoned carts, especially on mobile devices. These improvements make shopping much more intuitive for your customers and will result in more sales from your store.

Below are a few of the improvements:

1. Improved Checkout: The checkout process is much smoother and simplified compared to Magento 1.

Making the checkout as simple as possible is vital to having high conversion rates and getting the most from your site when shoppers have such low tolerances for complications.

They simplified registration by allowing customers to create an account after ordering instead of during the checkout process.

Checkout now includes order details on every step to help keep the shoppers informed.

Fewer confusing choices (like registering for an account) and fewer forms mean a significant increase in conversions as customers focus on what matters: finishing the checkout process.

Improved PayPal Integration: Magento 2’s integration with PayPal has been improved by not requiring additional needless information such as a billing address that is handled by PayPal.

Order Summary Photos: The order summary in Magento 2 now includes product photos. This reduces ordering errors which cut down on returns and increase buyer confidence which leads to higher conversions.

2. Improved Search: Magento 2 has much-needed search improvements that allow customers to more quickly and efficiently find products. The default search engine has been switched to ElasticSearch for Enterprise Edition. Configuration and customization of ElasticSearch are simpler and faster, resulting in better search results and fewer development costs.

3.  Mobile Browsing Enhancements: 50% of online transactions are now performed on mobile devices. Magento 2 utilizes many of the enhancements mentioned above to greatly improve user experience on mobile. Browsing is much more complicated and slows on mobile, so many users rely heavily on search. By improving the search capabilities in Magento, your mobile users greatly benefit. Combining that with a much more streamlined mobile-friendly checkout and faster performance will result in a much higher conversion rate for your mobile shoppers.

How atmosol Can Help.

Upgrading to the new Magento 2 platform can be a daunting prospect. After all, Magento is supporting the revenue stream and online presence of your entire online business. If your eCommerce platform lets you down, then your entire business is at risk.

Even if you are thinking of staying with Magento 1 for the time being, it is a good idea to open a conversation with your Magento solution partners about how to best handle the future of your online business and put together a long-term transition plan.

At atmosol, we have been developing eCommerce sites for over 13 years. We are a Magento Professional Solution Partner with expertly trained staff capable of making your transition to Magento 2 a simple one. We would love the opportunity to discuss all the benefits and our commitment to your success with Magento 2.