Headless With Shogun Frontend To Reduce Tech Dependency

Headless & Composable

As an eCommerce store operator, if you haven’t heard of, or considered headless as an option for your store, now might be a good time to do so. Headless, along with composable commerce is promising to enable a flexible eCommerce ecosystem for modern commerce. There are several factors that make these newer paradigms necessary or at least desirable. In short, headless is about having a custom front end with better speed and user experience than is possible with the bundled front end that comes with platforms. Composable commerce gives you the ability to strip and replace specific parts of your eCommerce backend when newer innovations happen. For example, let’s say there’s a much better product discovery platform in the market. If you are using truly composable commerce, you could strip out the existing discovery product and replace it without affecting anything else. Our blog on headless and composable commerce explains what it is and what the advantages are, in detail for beginners.

Headless Without Composable

The two paradigms are being used together in many ways including in the newly formed MACH Alliance. However, they are not necessarily tied together. Composable commerce is a much larger investment and we expect only the enterprises and larger mid-market companies to shift to composable commerce in the short term. However, headless is a much smaller investment and has more immediate gains for stores all sizes in terms of differentiated user experience and site speed, both of which are becoming not something desirable, but absolutely necessary to survive in a competitive market. And headless can be implemented on top of any platform that supports an API like BigCommerce , Adobe Commerce, or Shopify to name a few that atmosol is certified in.

Shogun Frontend

However, headless implementation is not without downsides. One of the biggest downsides of a headless implementation, a.k.a. custom frontend written using a modern framework like React is that any changes require the assistance of a technology team. Enter, Shogun Frontend, a platform that enables developers to create a custom frontend while still enabling business and marketing users to edit content as needed without the technology team’s assistance. The folks at Shogun adopted PWA to make these sites superfast too, giving stores that added boost in SEO ratings.

atmosol is a Certified Partner of Shogun Frontend

atmosol has been building eCommerce stores using platforms like BigCommerce , Adobe Commerce, or Shopify for over 16 years. Separately, we have also been building SaaS products using frontend technologies like React and Angular for over a decade. This puts us in a unique position to have strong expertise in both areas and well placed to build headless stores. We’ve also been building these products on the cloud using micro-services for a long time, thus enabling us to quickly adapt even to composable commerce. We’ve also been working with Shogun’s page builder on BigCommerce and Shopify for several years. All of these aspects made it an obvious choice for us and Shogun to partner and get atmosol certified to take our common clients on a journey of better user experience and speed. So, here’s to a great partnership and next-level user experience for our clients!