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Watts Premier

Client Showcase
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  • Strategy

    B2C eCommerce Sales Channel growth

  • Proprietary Tools

    atmosol's CRO tool - BIRD - to track more than 128,000 unique site sessions.

  • eCommerce Platform

    Shopify Plus

  • Black Friday ROI

    During the '17 Black Friday & Cyber Monday holidays, Watts Premier saw a 47.6x ROI on every $1 spent on paid ads.

  • Bounce Rate Decrease

    Watts Premier saw a 10-15% decrease in bounce rate, keeping traffic on the site longer.

Project Story

Watts Premier

Watts Premier: National Leader in Water Filtration Systems

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"The team is great to work with! Each member I have encountered has been professional, courteous, and I have always received proficient service from them. I have the utmost respect for the team and company as it is a give and take relationship. When I asked for a meeting or updates, they were quick to respond, whether it was a simple 'Here is the answer' or 'I will have you the information tomorrow morning.' I never had to pull teeth to get responses. Our site looks awesome and I could not have asked for more from them." - Tracie Benefiel