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Tortuga Rum Cakes

Client Showcase
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  • Migration

    Magento 1 Community Edition to BigCommerce

  • Cost-effective

    Using a Theme + Customizations

  • Day-To-Day Operation

    Improve the Day-To-Day Operations

  • User Experience

    Improve the current eCommerce UX

  • Conversation Rate

    Conversion Rate Increase thanks to Front-End Improvements

Project Story

Tortuga Rum Cakes

Tortuga, a taste of the Islands

Tortuga Rum cakes asked for our expertise in improving their current eCommerce User Experience (UX).

They chose the BigCommerce platform for their new eCommerce store. The atmosol team worked with Tortuga to Identify the optimal BigCommerce theme to ensure the desired User Experience.

Based on the client needs identified earlier in the process, atmosol also recommended apps that would help enhance the experience for the User as well as Improve the Day-to-Day Operations that the client would face.

We were on Magento 1 Community Edition that required very high maintenance and devs support which over time became too expensive. Support for Magento 1 was also on the verge of becoming obsolete, the company had announced that the platform would not be supported In 2020 which meant we had to upgrade to Magento 2.0, switch to Magento Commerce or move to a different platform.
Daily operations and management of the platform was not easy due to the many custom scripts that were built into our Magento Open Source. We were completely dependent on our web developers to do very small and minor tasks that any admin or marketer should be able to do. In the end, our eCommerce platform was not generating enough revenue to support the heavy devs maintenance. “


  • More control of the website.
  • Members from admin and marketing teams are now able to do all the simple tasks like: updating banners, setting up coupon codes, marketing campaigns, adding new products, etc.
  • Pleased with the analytical tools that are built-in BigCommerce.
  • The user journey on the front end of the platform is seamless which Increase the conversion rate on the website.

Atmosol is very responsive and knowledgeable about the different platforms. Their expertise has allowed us to make the best decision in keeping up with the Industry standards and best practices for an optimized eCommerce platform. Our previous agency was not able to offer advice and recommendations on how to improve our eCommerce platform”



"Partnering with atmosol has been a strategic decision In guiding Tortuga on the best way forward to improve its eCommerce business. This partnership has led us down a more cost effective and efficient module In managing our own eCommerce website." Yanique McAlpin - Digital Marketing & Sales Manager

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