Client Showcase – Tortuga Rum Cakes

Tortuga Rum Cakes

Client Showcase
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  • Migration

    Magento 1 Community Edition to BigCommerce

  • Cost-effective

    Using a Theme + Customizations

  • Day-To-Day Operation

    Improve the Day-To-Day Operations

  • User Experience

    Improve the current eCommerce UX

  • Conversation Rate

    Conversion Rate Increase thanks to Front-End Improvements

Project Story

Tortuga Rum Cakes

Tortuga, a taste of the Islands



"Partnering with atmosol has been a strategic decision In guiding Tortuga on the best way forward to improve its eCommerce business. This partnership has led us down a more cost effective and efficient module In managing our own eCommerce website." Yanique McAlpin - Digital Marketing & Sales Manager