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  • Goal

    Ease launch of new products and consolidate eCommerce platforms

  • Strategy

    Migrated multiple North American brands to Magento 2

  • Results

    Starting with 16% growth all the way to 1200% YOY growth

  • Segment

    Large Enterprise

  • Proprietary Tools

    Used atmosl's OPS/IMS/OTS for integration with ERP

Project Story

Groupe SEB

Achieving 1200% Growth For World Renowned Kitchenware Brand

Groupe SEB is a French consortium that owns well-recognized brands such as All-Clad, T-fal, Krups, Lagostina, Rowenta, WMF, and more. Their multi-brand strategy enables them to operate in global and local markets, while remaining as close as possible to consumers.

Why Magento?

Groupe SEB had to switch to a new eCommerce platform in 2016 following the closure of Amazon Webstores. They chose Magento 1 for its ability to integrate with their existing ERP system, and its deep customization, which has allowed them to work with developers on internal troubleshooting.

However, Groupe SEB’s needs continued to evolve after moving to Magento.

Their biggest pain point was trying to ensure stable hosting from surge traffic during flash sales on HomeandCookSales.com. They started looking at Magento Cloud hosting due to the improved price, performance, reliability, and support. But if they wanted Magento Cloud, it meant they would also have to upgrade to Magento 2. Already aware of Magento 1’s end of life announcement, they knew it was time for change.

All signs pointed to Magento 2 Cloud. They decided to move forward with upgrading both online stores, HomeandCookStore.com and HomeandCookSales.com.

Shortly after, Groupe SEB acquired the WMF brand, WMFAmericas.com needed to be integrated into their portfolio. They wanted to modernize WMF for mobile responsiveness and streamline their operations for all three brands. So naturally, they decided to roll WMF into the existing Magento 2 upgrade project. This would allow for all three online stores to be managed in the same place.

Fast forward further, and Groupe SEB decided to move all-clad.com , t-fal.ca, and Lagostina brands to Magento Commerce. All-Clad and T-Fal were released in 2020 and the new Lagostina is expected to be released in 2021.

Why atmosol?

Initially, atmosol came highly recommended by Amazon for Groupe SEB’s webstore needs. When making the switch from Amazon Webstores to Magento, John and Thomas evaluated their options.

“atmosol has been a very critical partner to our success. If we did not have their responsiveness, if we did not have their support, and the personalized team that works with us, we would not be where we’re at today.” – Thomas Guenther

Ultimately, they chose to continue working with atmosol based on the long history of projects together, prompt communication, and excellent customer service from the development team.


  • Ensure reliable hosting on Magento Cloud
  • Move to a single platform across North American eCommerce
  • Make it easier to launch new products and add custom features
  • Enable guest checkout, which was not available in one of the previous platforms


  • 16% increase in flash sales for June (YOY)
  • All-Clad was moved to Magento on late 2020 and sales increased 800% YOY in Q1 2021
  • All-Clad March sales was 1200% YOY
  • 25% of the growth was due to ease of launching new products on the new platform
  • 70% of the checkouts are now guest checkouts

Design + Development Process

Groupe SEB decided to focus more on direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce business , and the flash sales store was their initial step in this direction. They needed reliable hosting for surge traffic, and wanted to test Magento capabilities.

Since their biggest issue was a lack of stable hosting during surge traffic from flash sales, we knew Magento Cloud was the right fit. With Magento Cloud hosting, their flash store could handle heavy spikes (over 3,000 concurrent users at one time) during their bi-annual flash sales.

Groupe SEB worked closely with our team of certified and experienced Magento developers. to convey and execute their vision directly to our team, making the implementation roll out faster and smoother.

The success of the flash sale store led them to commission atmosol to build other sites like All-Clad, T-Fal, and Lagostina. atmosol, once again employed it’s collaborative approach to build the store to the specifics desired by the client while guiding them in the right direction when required.

Being a multi-billion dollar conglemorate, GroupeSEB needs to support several enterprise level integrations with third party systems in use by the company. The sites were also built to be capable of handling B2C and B2B sales.

To integrate their existing ERP system to their eCommerce store, we used our proprietary extensions that handle orders, inventory count, shipping, and tracking. With the order processing system (OPS), order tracking system (OTS), and inventory management system (IMS), all orders were effectively sent, tracked, and synced between Magento and their ERP system.

When an order was placed, OPS sent it to their ERP system through SAP, which handled fulfillment. From there, OTS allowed SAP to send the shipping information back to Magento, which would trigger an email alert to the buyer with a tracking code. Lastly, the IMS extension synced the updated ERP inventory with Magento.

The stores are a huge success, starting with the 16% increase on flash sales, going on to hit growth rates at 800-1200% on the brands that we built on Magento in 2020.

Additional Screenshots

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“Our loyalty is with atmosol because they’re the ones who have shown us success. They understood the need to evolve the business model to today’s consumer needs. We have a need to stay current with the needs and demands of the consumer shopping experience. We pursued partners that would allow us to put an emphasis on a relationship like that. We wanted a partner we could rely on for their technical expertise, and someone that knew fundamentally how to accomplish what we needed to accomplish. atmosol did it in a very transparent way.” - John Watkins

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