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Chromatography Research Supplies

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  • Magento 2

    Upgrade the client's Magento Instance from 2.2.5 to 2.3.x

  • UX

    Improve the User Experience

  • Success

    A nicely working eCommerce site up and running

Project Story

Chromatography Research Supplies

Assist the client in resolving issues and improving their experience related to the Magento instance.

Chromatography Research Supplies had recently undertaken a migration from Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.2.

However, they have experienced a great deal of issues with the Magento 2 instance to the extent that they have reverted back to their Magento 1.9 installation.  As they prepared to relaunch their Magento 2 store, they would first like to upgrade to the latest 2.3 version as well as correct some issues and improve the user experience of the site.

Client had identified a number of issues that customers experienced and had also received a technical audit by a third-party company to identify issues at a code level.

Our Solution – eCommerce Strategy:

  • Move current Magento 2.2.5 codebase under proper version control and use versioned code to identify changes to core code.
  • Upgrade to version 2.3, test, and correct any compatibility issues caused by the upgrade.
  • Replace existing tax exemption customization with a solution that correctly modify’s customers’ tax class inside Magento tax calculation process.
  • Improve the User Experience (UX)

Previous situation: What was your eCommerce situation? Why atmosol?

We had been through the ringer with our past developer and we were so discouraged in moving forward.

We had an experience where code changes were not tracked and core code was changed which drastically affected updates. We had went round and round trying to get our new site live, had actually went live, and then after multiple customer complaints had to roll back to our old site.

We started looking for new companies and we were having such a hard time finding a Magento 2 knowledgeable developer that seemed trustworthy. We didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

Our Magento rep had suggested atmosol and after discussing our issues in-depth with the atmosol team we were very impressed with their level of expertise and the ability to have an open conversation directly with our developers, as well as their project management system that allowed better communication with them throughout the project.


We had some initial setbacks in our estimate on working hours and a launch date. This was mostly because the amount of issues that our previous developers caused may have been underestimated. Some of the surface level issues went a little bit deeper.

All in all, we launched pretty timely and have a nicely working eCommerce site up and running.

How was it different working with atmosol versus your previous agency?

Did we still have some issues after going live? Of course, that is technology.

The real difference was how the job was handled. If critical issues came up atmosol was on it. If we had an issue come up it wasn’t an issue for long. We had direct communication with our team and they responded in a timely matter time and time again.



"We would absolutely recommend atmosol for anyone needing development work. They do a thorough job and the team had that higher skillset that we were looking for In our Magento Store Project." Michelle Hunt - Marketing Manager

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