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Known globally, Magento is best suited for established ecommerce businesses and large enterprises. For instance, companies seeking flexibility, deep design customization, and multi-store functionality.

Magento’s ecosystem includes Magento Open Source (formerly Community Edition), which is free of cost. Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise / Cloud Edition), is licensed and paid.

Discover how you can benefit from atmosol and Magento’s long-standing partnership to get your custom eCommerce store built by our team. 100% USA-based team of in-house, certified Magento developers and designers (1 & 2). Contact us for a professional, unbiased consultation to determine if Magento is right for you.


“Over the past 3 years, the atmosol team has proven to be a rock-solid business partner with valuable enterprise expertise and a track record of delivering on the exacting standards of our mutual customers.”
– Ryan Quaye, Vice President of Global Channel Sales at Magento Commerce


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Choose Magento If you:

  • Prefer Platform as a Service (PaaS) with a "build from scratch" model to deploy, maintain, and scale with flexibility for customization
  • Need multiple websites and stores through one installation
  • Require multi-language and/or multi-currency options for web content and checkout
  • Promote, up-sell, and cross-sell products across multiple domains

Which Option is Best?


Magento Open Source

  • Support for global sites
  • One-click account creation
  • Integrated video for products
  • Automated testing and notifications
  • Responsive layout and modern theming
  • Order management and customer service
  • In-site, two-step checkout, with guest checkout
  • Mobile-friendly, customizable admin dashboard
  • 50% faster load times across catalog and checkout
  • Support for database subsystems and concurrent updating

Magento Commerce

  • Includes all Magento Open Source features, plus:
  • Full-page caching
  • Multiple scalable servers and databases
  • Elastic search for in-store and admin use
  • Cloud hosting options powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Gift cards, store credit, gift registries, wish lists, gift wrapping, and reward programs
  • Configurable parameters for return and exchange resolution, plus ability for customers to initiate their own return
  • Native B2B features to set multiple buyers, define roles, create custom catalogs and price lists per contract terms, set different payment options, order forms, requisitions, and streamline quote requests

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