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Amazon Ads

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What are Amazon Ads?

Retailers who sell their products on Amazon can advertise their store with Pay-Per-Click ads inside of the Amazon platform in a few different ways- all of which help people that are already looking for your products find you more easily.

Three ads types:

1. Sponsored products

2. Headline Search ads

3. Product Display Ads

Each serve a different purpose and require a unique strategy to be successful. Many eCommerce platforms have apps and integrations that connect your store directly to Amazon to sell your products, making it an easy sales channel to begin developing.


Why atmosol?

With more than 26.5 million transactions happening every day on Amazon, there’s no question that investing in Amazon ads to help you get in front of the right customers is a worthwhile objective. Our team of expert digital marketing specialists will help you strategize, create and deploy a winning advertising gameplan.

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