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Data & Analytics

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Your site or store’s data and analytics are critical to understanding the state of your business, interpreting marketing & sales performance, and making long-term decisions vital to your business’ overall health. 

Equipped with the right information, your ability to keep the business headed in the right direction becomes much simpler – no more guessing what’s working and what isn’t.


Why atmosol?

We use the analytics and data we collect from Google Analytics, Facebook Business Manager, AdWords, AdRoll and BIRD (as well as many other platforms) to guide the decisions we make, optimizations we provide and strategy that we implement. Rather than guessing what your potential customers want, we rely on data and analytics to clearly paint that picture for us. Our industry-leading transparency and reporting dashboard will allow you to see the real-time growth of your bottom line and the ROI generated from your investment in Digital Marketing.

“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.“
Karl Pearson

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