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BIRD (Business Intelligence Retailer’s Dashboard) is designed to give you insight and a deeper understanding of your site’s User Experience (UX). Ensure the best possible customer experience for your site, checkout, or store. Making educated decisions about your site design, layout, and overall user experience is challenging, especially if you lack the proper insights.

BIRD improves your conversion rate by providing data on customer behavior, such as:

  • Eye-Tracking Maps
  • Scroll Maps
  • Heatmaps
  • Real-time video clips of user sessions

Equip yourself with profound knowledge on User Experience (UX) to drive conversions and strengthen your brand image! 


How Does BIRD Work?

What’s required to start using BIRD?

A light piece of code is implemented that allows our proprietary tool to communicate with your website, similar to a cookie or tracking code.



Get a BIRD’s-eye view

Similar to how a retail store owner observes customer behavior, BIRD helps you to understand the best product placements, promotions, and calls-to-action. BIRD allows you to see what is or is not working, and how to fix it.


Trust the facts

BIRD relies on actual website data to improve the User Experience (UX), rather than making guesses or assumptions. Equip your site with BIRD today to satisfy your customers, optimize your conversion rate, and strengthen your brand.


Behind the scene

Eye-Tracking Maps

Although we are unable to track the literal eye movements of your visitors, we can track the mouse movements, which will give you a similar understanding of where your visitors’ eyes are going. This is crucial because now you’ll be able to see where your visitors are focusing their attention.

Scroll Maps

How far down the page do your visitors scroll? This is key information that can make or break a landing page. If your pages are so long that only a small fraction of your visitors ever reach the bottom, then you could easily optimize the page by simply making it shorter.



Easily see exactly where your site’s visitors are clicking! Maybe they’re clicking on a button-shaped graphic that they think is a link but isn’t. Or maybe they’re clicking on external links instead of product pages. It’s time to find out.

Real-time video clips of user sessions

You probably didn’t even think this was possible. It’s okay, neither did we…until we saw it in action! Gain access to actual video recordings of real sessions from your site’s visitors. See where they go, how they scroll, and where they click – all as it’s happening.

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