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Graphic Design

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Our top-notch design team has an eye for style that can make your eCommerce website stand out from the rest. Where we really shine is making sure the sleek designs are functionally sound, user-friendly and provide a natural shopping experience. We know these elements are critical to maximizing your sales.


Where the magic happens

Web design contributes directly to the success of your project. 

First, we get to know your company, culture, products and back-end processes. Then, we collaborate closely with you to design an eCommerce website that adheres to your brand’s standards and makes a favorable impression on your customers. We anticipate what end users will need when they shop on your site and implement tools to enhance their experience- and your bottom line. We’re especially good at thinking outside the box and coming up with dynamic, effective designs that are specific to your needs.


Why focus on web design?

Functional Design

The purpose of every website is to deliver information and enable visitors to perform actions in the fastest, most enjoyable way possible. Web design plays a crucial role in accomplishing these goals, so it must be functional, easy to use, and crystal clear.

Emotional Design

Emotional design consists of building a positive impression for your visitor. When done correctly, users spend more time on your site rather than going to your competitors. Emotional experiences leave a deeper imprint in our long-term memory which is why they increase customer loyalty.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is the ability of a website to seamlessly adapt to various screen sizes across different devices. It’s a solution to the challenges users face in navigating websites with ever-changing technology. Adapting a single platform to different devices offers a positive user experience.

Post-launch, we use proprietary tools such as BIRD for video recordings of user sessions on your website, as well as click and heat maps. In addition to ongoing research methods, we holistically optimize your graphic design to drive conversions on your eCommerce website.

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