Continuous Maintenance

Continuous Maintenance

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A website is never static. It needs updates for efficiency and security.

To adapt to new technologies, your website must reflect a modern image, meet customer demands, and undergo continuous updates. Your system also requires patches for solid cybersecurity, which means continuous updates are a necessity, not a luxury. You need to stay competitive with the latest updates and features to keep your site functional, fast, and secure for an optimal web experience. Get daily monitoring from hawkeyed security experts to keep your customers’ trust. Our eCommerce experts have a sharp eye for items that need continuous maintenance and can provide you with professional advice on necessary improvements.

The Key Benefits

Top Performance

Keeping a website up to date will naturally improve its SEO and positioning within the different search engines. More importantly, it improves your page loading time, which is critical for your customer’s experience.

Security & Backup

In addition to the updates, a backup of your site will be created after each update which allows for fast and easy restoration of the website in case of bugs, hacking or other malicious acts.

3 types of website maintenance

Website Maintenance


Maintaining your eCommerce website means you need to check that everything is working properly to prevent future problems. Continuous maintenance helps you install new updates (CMS, plugins, etc.) which ensures server quality. Preventive maintenance also involves continuous monitoring.


An eCommerce website is never safe from technical bugs. Outdated code increases the risk of critical malfunctions, which can potentially lead to the worst-case scenario: your website crashes and experiences significant downtime. When this happens, your site will be down for several hours, or even days. Catching bad code is part of routine maintenance for all websites, especially your eCommerce store.


It’s imperative to modify your website for efficiency, usability, User Experience, and design.

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