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Branding and Communication

Branding and Communication

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Create a memorable visual identity for your brand.

Your branding is key to public perception and awareness. We take the utmost care to express your brand’s value to build a fresh, relevant visual identity.


Our Branding Philosophy

Branding is more than just a logo. It’s about how your brand makes people feel. Synthesis of colors, shapes, illustrations and typography helps form a subconscious, lasting emotional imprint. We create a holistic visual identity that intuitively conveys the essence of your brand to consumers.


Crafting Your Visual Identity

Together, we establish the artistic direction that best conveys your strategic objectives.


Analyzing Your Activity
We analyze your history, current activities and future vision to gain deep insights that align your branding and business goals.


Research and Reflection
This is the beginning of the design phase. In this step, collaboration is essential. We discuss paths and approaches to achieve success.


Creation and Iteration
We explore concepts through sketches and mockups to render ideas into reality. You influence the decisions that bring your brand to life.


Branding Applications

First impressions matter. A custom, stylized logo is the staple element of your brand identity. Logos are often the first visual connection you have with the public. At a glance, your logo must successfully embody your brand’s spirit.

You can apply your newly created visual identity to a range of products. Materialize your brand through traditional media, such as business cards, letterheads, brochures, posters, banners, and more…


What You Get

Brand Proposal and Practical Applications
The proposals of creative assets, with multiple variations, is delivered to you in PDF format with comments and explanations from a design perspective.

Tips and Guidance
A PDF offers professional artistic and strategic insight to advise you on how each creative asset offers value relative to your brand positioning and business goals.

Final Type Logo
The final type logo is delivered to you in several formats (High Definition PDF – EPS) as well as in black and white variants.

Brand Guideline
This document illustrates and explains the creative uses of your branding elements on different media types to develop a unified visual identity.

Other creations
(brochure, posters, etc.)

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