Envolo LLC


Superfan Social


Social Media Platform


enVOLO is a marketing technology company that utilizes modern social media marketing and influencer marketing coupled with leading technology to generate demand for companies and create long lasting fans for brands


Envolo approached atmosol to build a social media platform for influencers and other creators so the creator can own their own platform and monetize it by conducting sales on their own platform


  • A social media platform as feature rich as major platforms


To build a social media platform that mimicked other major platforms but gave the creator ownership of their own content to use as they please along with eCommerce capabilities

atmosol Solution

atmosol designed and built a platform that met all of the requirements of Envolo and their creator customers in a short period

Outcomes Achieved

Superfan Social is gradually adding influencers and creators on it’s platform
Platform is able to handle all the volume of data and users that come along with influencers and creators with large fan following

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