Groupe SEB


Platform Migration + Design


Cookware & Small Appliances


GroupeSEB is the world’s largest manufacture of cookware with revenues touching $7 Billion worldwide. As part of their Direct To Consumer (D2C) strategy, GroupeSEB wanted to migrate the brands All-Clad, T-Fal, and Lagostina to Magento with a new design


Based on past successes on the factory seconds platform with Magento and atmosol, Groupe SEB decided to forge ahead with their D2C strategy by moving three brands to Magento platform.


  • Ease management by consolidating stores into single platform
  • Improve conversion rates
  • Prior platform forced customers to register to purchase introducing significant friction
  • Prior platform was seen as difficult to launch new products and they wanted a platform that’s easier for non-technical people to navigate


T-Fal decided to use a pre-built Magento theme to reduce design cost but as the project progressed, they wanted a custom look and feel


Third party themes are notoriously difficult to customize beyond what they are intended to be, but with our UI chops and perseverance, we were able to meet all the expectation by customizing the third party theme


Integrated Magento with multiple enterprise systems including Salsify PIM/DAM, SAP ERP, Signifyd, Adyen, Listrak, Google Tag Commander, and other custom integrations with proprietary systems

Outcomes Achieved

We care about our employees, these are just some of the ways we show it.

New All-Clad site was a huge success with 800% increase in YOY sales for the quarter and 1200% for the highest month
All-Clad launched new product line with low effort, which accounted for 25% of the increase in sales
Eliminated friction due to user registration requirement reducing friction
In-shopping conversion of T-Fal stabilized at approximately 1% enabling T-Fal to build a sustainable eco-system to launch innovation and market our brands successfully

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