Down To Earth


Digital Marketing


Grocery Retail


Down to Earth is an organic grocery chain in Hawaii voted the best health food store for 12 years in a row. In addition to natural foods, Down to Earth offers cooking classes, community outreach events, nutrition seminars, healthy recipes, and more


Down to Earth desired to use digital marketing to direct more traffic to their physical stores and compete better with larger stores in the organic and natural products space


  • Increase visits to physical stores with a measurable ROI


Deriving actual measurable ROI in the physical store from online marketing required some complex reporting using specific KPIs across multiple channels

atmosol Solution

atmosol ran a PPC campaign across multiple channels with store finder as the main call to action. We built a custom report dashboard based on KPIs that correlate ad spend by channel to in-store footfall. Through this process, over time we were able to measure and optimize campaign across channels and mediums

Outcomes Achieved

Down To Earth achieved incremental footfall based on over 2,000,000 impressions that were generated
Down To Earth now has an optimizable process that can be changed based on consumer behavior over the long term

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