Fairmont was looking for expertise in optimizing email campaigns with better content and better list hygiene to reduce bounce rates and improve click through and conversion.

Groupe SEB

Based on past successes on the factory seconds platform with Magento and atmosol, Groupe SEB decided to forge ahead with their D2C strategy by moving three brands to Magento platform.


The initial brief was to build a secure file exchange solution based on the premise that client portals used by CPA firms are too cumbersome and something easier is needed. Through the years, atmosol built has worked with Safesend to build an entire suite of products.

Watts Premier

Watts Premier wanted to refresh the design of their existing site on shopify, but more importantly needed help attracting and converting more customers online.


CRS had attempted an upgrade to Magento 1.9 to Magento 2.2, but had to revert due to several issues that their agency couldn’t resolve. Recommended by Adobe, CRS approached atmosol and chose us for our technical abilities.


Jazzercize had to find and implement a new eCommerce store when Amazon webstores, their existing platform announced their intent to close in 2016.


Tortuga Rum Cakes had to move out of Magento 1.0 due to Adobe announcing end of support for the version and was looking for options that involved less development support.

Down to Earth

Down to Earth desired to use digital marketing to direct more traffic to their physical stores and compete better with larger stores in the organic and natural products space.

Sorority Specialties

Sorority Specialties was looking for an alternative to Magento that had a lower total cost of ownership and wanted to move to a SaaS platform.

Superfan Social

Envolo approached atmosol to build a social media platform for influencers and other creators so the creator can own their own platform and monetize it by conducting sales on their own platform.