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We help businesses plan and build eCommerce stores that sell the same no matter what device the user comes from and take advantage of all the connected platforms

Device Agnostic And Device Specific Options

Mobile Apps

Custom branded mobile apps increase stickiness by enabling extreme personalization, timely notifications, and ease of purchase and payment. While it’s an added investment, it could be the differentiator especially for stores that are in industries with regular purchases like grocery and department stores

Progressive Web Apps

Where the investment in a custom mobile app is not desired, progressive apps can provide many of the benefits of a custom app with much reduced cost. PWAs essentially host a mobile-friendly version of your website within an app requiring the development team to only build mobile-specific functionality and reuse web functionality

Responsive Websites

All the stores that we build are built and tested on all forms and multiple devices. Where an app or PWA is not considered, this still enables stores to sell on the mobile, but eliminate the benefits of stickiness and notifications associated with apps and PWAs

Connected Devices

Ordering through Alexa or Google Voice and seeing notifications on an Apple or Samsung watch are slowly moving to be expected functionality from being a novelty. Stores that really want to stand out from their competition on convenience can opt to built these integrations to truly wow their customers and create loyal followers

Case Study

Client iMoneh
Project Single
Industry E-Commerce
iMoneh is a startup in Ammam, Jordan that wanted to bring true multi-vendor grocery shopping experience to consumers. The idea is to be able to order groceries from several supermarkets to be delivered through the platform. The system maintained real-time inventory of supermarkets and allowed users to order items for delivery. It also sported some unique features like being able to compare prices of multiple vendors for the order and ability to earn points regardless of where the consumer shops. In addition to the eCommerce app, Apps were also built for drivers and supermarkets, enabling an end-to-end grocery shopping, delivery and tracking ecosystem.

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