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Headless - What & Why

What is Headless?

Headless is the term used to describe eCommerce stores that use and eCommerce platform to setup the store but choose not to use the user interface provided by the platform. Instead, the user experience is built from scratch using modern technologies like React and Angular and configuration information is fetched from the platform using Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) supported by the platform

Why Headless

Headless is suitable for stores that desire higher levels of performance and user experience customization. While platforms provide pretty good user experience for most use case, stores that desire custom interactions are limited to extensions that exist on the platform or building new extensions. Add to that the fact that platform performance can only be optimized so much given they have to support a variety of user cases, it sometimes becomes more effective to build the user experience from scratch

Case Study

Client Sorority Specialities
Project Single
Industry Clothing/Apparel
Sorority specialties is an eCommerce company specializing in sales of sorority merchandise to sororities around the US. A need for lower maintenance costs forced them out of their then platform Magento and with the help of atmosol, they built a solution that used APIs and some parts of a BigCommerce user experience to build a partial headless solution.

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