eCommerce For Non-Conforming Scenarios

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We help businesses build eCommerce stores from the bottom up to sell products and services that don’t fit the use cases envisioned by platform providers

Custom eCommerce Scenarios

Non-Standard Products

eCommerce platforms are built to handle many different kinds of products, attributes, combinations, SKUs, etc. but there still remain some products that don’t fit into the mold. A common example is hospitality eCommerce. To date, hospitality companies use custom eCommerce websites. While some semi-platforms exist, these are still specific to the industry.

Non Standard Experiences

eCommerce platforms typically allow stores to list, detail, and sell products. Sometimes the experience that a business requires is far different from anything imagined by these platforms and building those experiences into a platform is not cost effective. An example is a single or few products sold with several customization options like an automobile configurator

Non Standard Functionality

While related to non-standard experiences, sometimes a functionality is more than the experience. Products where there is significant post-sales business logic or processing that exceeds the complexity of the store itself will benefit from a custom eCommerce store by avoiding the additional complexity of having to play well with the platform code that is usually non-modifiable


Marketplaces are another common scenario where traditional eCommerce platforms haven’t spent much effort. While new platforms are being built to address this scenario, most are still in nascent stages and marketplaces thrive on quick innovation which might not be possible on these platforms. Custom eCommrece might be a good fit here too

Case Study

Client Instagathering/
Facile Meeting
Project Single
Industry Travel
Dual branded Instagathering and Facilemeeting are marketplaces that sells meeting rooms, food & beverage, audio-visual and other extras required to conduct a complete meeting as a-la-carte or a package. No platform existed at the time that met the requirements of this marketplace and it was hence built from the ground up. The portal supported several user segments including retail, travel agency, and corporate travel desk. Hotels and chains are able to update inventory on the backend and a support backend is enabled for portal support team.

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