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PIE Framework


How much improvement can be made on the pages? This should take into account your web analytics data, customer data and expert heuristic analysis of user scenarios


How valuable is the traffic to the pages? Your most important pages are the ones with the highest volume and the costliest traffic.


How difficult will it be to implement a test on this page or template? The final consideration is the degree of difficulty of actually running a test on this page

Conversion Optimization is like finding a new cure

Our experts generate ideas and methodically run experiments at scale to find the right combination
Find answers to questions like
Is the value proposition on your home page clear and appealing to your audience?
Is the value proposition on your home page clear and appealing to your audience?
Should you show a modal to collect email and risk irritating some users?
Should you have a discount offer or coupon upfront or do you show it when users are about to leave?
Are users able to easily find products they want through categories, search, and personalized product surfacing?
Should you show smaller images of more products or larger images of fewer products?

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