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Agile and innovative, our eCommerce experts revel in the opportunity to craft an online store that sets you apart from the pack. With certified Magento and BigCommerce developers, we offer unbiased recommendations based on over a decade of technical experience. We learn your strategic and project needs before suggesting which eCommerce platform best serves you.

Our devotion to client engagement makes us more than an eCommerce agency, we’re your partner in success.

Why Choose Atmosol

“atmosol has been a very critical partner to our success. If we did not have their responsiveness, if we did not have their support, and the personalized team that works with us, we would not be where we’re at today.”
Thomas Guenther - Groupe SEB

We are a group of radical designers, virtuoso developers, and avid digital marketers with a burning passion for doing what we do best: eCommerce.

As a full-service eCommerce agency, we take a total-solutions approach to solving problems. We offer complete and integrated in-house services from start to finish.

Keeping your best interest in mind, we partner with the leading eCommerce platforms to give you options. Some eCommerce agencies charge premium prices only to steer you toward their one-size-fits-all solution. Who needs that? We offer a superior value proposition: When you work with us, we delve into your world and leverage our in-house expertise to discover which eCommerce platform is a perfect fit for you.

Our team focuses on communication, transparency, impeccable style and measurable results to extract the maximum potential out of each project. Using validated methods, our team of eCommerce design mavens builds your tailor-made plan of action. We cover all the bases, from your site strategy, creative eCommerce design, custom development, digital marketing, to ongoing maintenance.

Together, we aim to become your partner in success. Now that you know what we do, you may we wondering who we are. We are a close-knit, diverse group of American, Canadian, and French professionals. You won’t get déjà vu when you meet us. Let’s rendezvous!

We make more than awesome websites. We make your entrepreneurial dreams a reality.

Our Core Values & Culture

When you meet us you will quickly realize that every member of the atmosol team is unique but there are 5 very important things we all have in common -- our core values.
  • Think Creatively

    We know the classics and what's trendy. Next, we blend abstract thinking power with years of experience to recommend one-of-a-kind, inventive solutions.

  • Build Relationships

    Your business is more than a contract to us. We are your partners in success by creating value through solid communication, clear expectations, and a human touch.

  • Show Respect

    Respect is given, trust is earned. Showing respect is the first step to a healthy, mutually beneficial business-agency relationship. We aim to earn your trust and loyalty.

  • Be Transparent

    No sugar coating or dancing around the matter. We give crystal clear eCommerce expertise to keep you in-the-know with updates, reports, and measurable KPIs.

  • Focus on the Long Term

    Not all solutions are equal. While novices cut corners, our team of experts are trained to think of long term wins that make your investment last well into the future.

They Trust Us


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